Trase Wagner(RA)
Coldwell Banker Realty

"We are so pleased with the service and sincerity from Trase Wagner. We met him when we tried to purchase a house he had listed but we did not win! The interactions and attention Trase gave us led us to ask him to help us. He never stresses us and is so responsive to our requests. My husband is very knowledgeable regarding real estate, but I am not. Trase had to navigate communicating on two levels. Even when we were very opinionated, Trase was always calm and able to enlighten us without ever pushing. He answered all our questions and researched issues as they arose. Trase is a professional with an honest commitment to your interests. He earned our trust and friendship." -Pearl Yee, San Francisco


"Trase helped us sell a rental apartment that we owned for many years. It was a beloved apartment as it was the first place my husband and I lived together. However, we were ready for a new (ad)venture and he helped us get the price we wanted with ease and efficiency! Even though the apartment was simple, he helped us get great photos, was familiar with all the selling points of the location, and did a lot of preparation to get the traction on-line needed to bring foot traffic to the open houses he planned. The closing was smooth and we hope to be in a position to work with Trase again soon!" W. Fang, Honolulu